Why is regular grooming important?

Grooming for every dog should  be a pleasant routine. All pets can benefit from a few minutes of brushing every day. Not only does it help build a bond between you and your pet, it also keeps you aware of your pets grooming needs, and your pet will be more relaxed with the groomer if he is already comfortable being touched and brushed. You will also be more likely to spot any skin troubles or parasites before they have time to establish themselves. Another point to remember is that fleas, lice, ticks and ear mites are not normally found on pets that are groomed regularly. I recommend most dogs have a full professional groom every 4-6 weeks, and for longer higher maintenance coats a  bath and brush out every 2 weeks as well.  They need their hair maintained, kept clean, and untangled as well as their nails trimmed and ears cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis thus insuring good health and a happy companion.