What happens at puppy’s first grooming appointment?

For first time puppy grooms I like to get them comfortable with being handled and introduce them to the grooming experience without forcing them to stand still long enough for an all over trim. What that includes is nail trimming, ear cleaning, brush-out, gland expression (if needed), tearless facial scrub, warm massaging bath with all natural eco-friendly products, fluff dry, light face trim, feet, and sanitary trim, as well as teeth brushing. In my experience this approach makes for better future experiences and helps puppies feel more comfortable and happy about coming back to see me. Ultimately the goal is to set them up for positive grooming experiences throughout their lifetime.

Booked till January 2014

I am  booked up for the holidays, spaces go especially fast during the holiday season. I am currently booked until mid January 2014. If you would like to schedule an appointment for then feel free to call or email me. Thank you so much and Happy Holidays!

First time with a New Groomer?

A good groomer will ask you many questions regarding your pet and what your expectations are of  them. We want to be sure we have a clear understanding of what you want for your pet and what kind of style will be best for your pet and for your budget. If you have lots of time to devote to at home maintenance you might prefer a longer more detailed style. If you and your pet are very active and prefer to spend your time hiking and running you may want a lower maintenance short trim. There are several factors when determining whats style suits your pet, and were here to help you understand what will work best.  You should feel comfortable leaving your pet, and if your not, keep looking until you find a good fit. Feel free to bring a picture and when giving instructions use an exact length (ex. I would like a round face and 1″ of hair left all over the body), Ex. of what not to say- ( I want a puppy cut, but don’t make him look like a poodle). We need specifics to insure we understand each other, your groomer will let you know if they are able to achieve that desired style, and if not they should offer suggestions. If you think they might not be able to do what you like then shop around , to avoid an inevitable disappointment. Or if you pick up and your request were completely ignored you might want to keep looking. With all that said, we are human and if it’s not what you wanted let us know what you did or didn’t like, keeping in mind it’s our 1st time grooming your pet too and we can always adjust accordingly at your pets next visit. Puppy’s 1st groom should be a pleasant, low stress experience. Talk to your groomer about what you can do at home to prepare puppy for their first haircut (FYI this isn’t always advised on the very 1st visit). Puppy’s 1st trip is usually about getting clean and aqainted with new sounds, and feelings, not so much about getting that perfect breed standard trim.  Having open communication with your groomer is imperative to a long term relationship. We want you and your pet to leave happy every time you visit, happy clients are our best advertising.


Specialty Groom

It’s springtime again! Don’t forget to book your pup’s grooming appointment in advance. I can easily be booked out two – three weeks in advance, so in order to insure a timely appointment please book early.

Why is regular grooming important?

Grooming for every dog should  be a pleasant routine. All pets can benefit from a few minutes of brushing every day. Not only does it help build a bond between you and your pet, it also keeps you aware of your pets grooming needs, and your pet will be more relaxed with the groomer if he is already comfortable being touched and brushed. You will also be more likely to spot any skin troubles or parasites before they have time to establish themselves. Another point to remember is that fleas, lice, ticks and ear mites are not normally found on pets that are groomed regularly. I recommend most dogs have a full professional groom every 4-6 weeks, and for longer higher maintenance coats a  bath and brush out every 2 weeks as well.  They need their hair maintained, kept clean, and untangled as well as their nails trimmed and ears cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis thus insuring good health and a happy companion.